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As for Roberto Ortiz’s cooking, as overseen by the celebrated Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez, this is a ridiculously perfect amalgam of taste and aesthetics, every dish marrying dramatic colour combinations to clear, precise and equally vibrant flavours.

The one let down was a starter of duck with shavings of foie gras and green leaves, in which the duck was swamped by a cloying algarrobo tree syrup.

The dating of the Norte Chico Civilization shows that these inland sites were developing around the same time as their coastal neighbors.

This is important, as it challenges the conventional view that all early civilizations in Peru and the rest of South America began by the sea as coastal settlements.

And now let the gushing begin with the sea bream ceviche, a thrillingly intense marvel in which the subtlety of the bream was drawn out rather than obliterated by a sharp, amazingly clean-tasting “Tiger’s Milk” marinade of coriander, lime, chilli, ginger and fishy juice.

“I could eat that every day,” observed a post-pubescent boy of my acquaintance, “for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” Barely less drool-worthy was scallop tiradito (a kind of Peruvian sushi) with yellow aji pepper, umami salt and cassava powder.

The sites of the Norte Chico Civilization are situated around 200 km (124.27 miles) to the north of Lima, in what is today the Norte Chico region of north-central coastal Peru, near Supe, Barranca province.

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“What is so great about this,” said Miss Heller, “is that every ingredient brings something to the dish.

Yet when the news to impart is so transcendently good, can one be blamed for feeling a duty to ignore the glazed look in the recipient’s eyes?

Thanks to the insight gained from visiting today’s restaurant, I pledge to be kinder when the JWs come calling, never again using the ritual greeting that has worked so well in the past (“Ah, do come in for a nice long chat.

However, a close inter-dependent relationship between the peoples of the coast and the Norte Chico Civilization existed.

Trade is believed to have been based on fish from the coast being exchanged for cotton (for the production of fishing nets) from the interior.

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