Updating firmware on blackberry storm

Note: You cannot create the subfolder once you’ve started the import wizard so if you want to, you’ll have to click cancel to exit the wizard then right click on your Contacts Folder and select “New Folder” and name it “z-Contacts” or “Fake Entries” then restart from step one: That should be it now, you’ll be present with the final screen of the wizard where you can choose to map custom fields.

Originally this was necessary but I’ve since added a header row to vants CSV file so the Wizard picks the right fields for Name and Phone number automatically, just click Finish.

Some blog readers tested this theory and created 2000 fake contacts with no phone numbers but that didn’t work, then they tried 2000 fake contacts each with a unique contact number and this worked!

Just click add and you’re all done, 2000 contacts z0001 to z2000 should now be in your Address Book.

It should then start importing all the contacts, leave this going, it can take some time, on my machine it took a few minutes but that’s because my profile isn’t store locally, you may find it’s done much quicker.

You should all be done now, if you look in your contacts your should see 2000 Z-contacts all with the same phone number.

All you need to do now is re-sync your contacts with the i Phone via i Tunes.

[Note – if you use Mobile Me to PUSH all your contacts from your computer to Mobile Me and then PUSH them down to your i Phone it will still work just have some patience and check your phone after 10 minutes] If, for neatness, you want to have the 2000 z-contacts in their own folder simply click the plus at the bottom of the group pane: then give the group a name: and now click on the Last Import folder, in the middle Name pane click on the first z0001 and then press Apple A to select all the entries and then drag them onto the new group you just created.

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