Dating a yugo sks

It’d be a stretch to say that the SKS was of its time.

The carbine was a Soviet competitor to the German Gewehr 42 and the American M1 Garand — but more reliable than the Gewehr while much cheaper and easier to acquire into the 21st century than the Garand.

It was in production and in service before the AK was even created.

The United States also slapped restrictions on imports from the Chinese manufacturer Norinco in 1993, which makes the SKS a rare example of a military rifle that is arguably easier to acquire in Canada, which did not impose similar restrictions — provided you have the proper licenses.

In my opinion, you will never notice the difference (apart from the slight weight decrease) between the milled and stamped AK reciever.

You will not be shooting it full auto so you probably never see a structural change in the stamped reciever.

So much so that it persisted into the 21st century’s wars despite the AK-47 being the overall better weapon for government work.

, as to whether or not a visiting Chinese delegation to the Soviet Union was furious at seeing the SKS under production.

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