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There’s a clip showing Navid by the lockers in school, wanting to plant some drugs on Jasper [Zachary Ray Sherman]. I don’t know that he’s necessarily a hard-hitting journalist. TDW: Going back to the show, I heard that the season finale is called Confessions. We’re part of pop culture and as much influence as we can impress upon kids, the better.Michael Steger: I end up finding a way to get cocaine and I have a plan to use it to get Jasper kicked out of school. I know Jasper pushed me down the stairs and no one else believes me. I end up dating my star reporter, Lila [Amber Wallace (Glenda, One Tree Hill)], who’s almost as ambitious as I am. I went through so much with Adrianna and Jasper and it’s made me completely devoted to journalism. So I would say promote more positive messages, because I know we’re busy always pushing the envelope and all the drama but it’s always good to throw some good examples in there. Something else I’ve heard from readers is that they want to know more about Navid’s family.And I absolutely loved her relationship with Gibbs.Gibbs and Mann were so cute and I love how the team would always speculate about them when she was on.Chandler & Monica / House & Cuddy / Chase & Cameron / Tony & Ziva "It's so much fun for us.I have a new love for the show since I've gotten into this relationship.Let’s face it, there is a sort of peacefulness and security that comes with predictability. I say yes, yes we are and only by embracing the chaos will we get the stability we seek. Actually, being addicted to dating predictability suffocates your love life.Most people don’t do well with situations that are seemingly out of control or new. Most people keep going back to the same habits with the same type of people who always behave in the way that is expected. In order to meet someone in this volatile dating environment you need to think outside of the box and embrace novelty.

So there’s a lot of reason for Navid to have pure hate for this guy. TDW: Is Navid any way connected to the Adrianna-Gia [Rumer Willis] romance? I was wondering if you have a favorite journalist or someone in the media world you really admire. It’s almost like Navid is trying to escape that and wants to find success in something he finds classy and artistic. TDW: You’ve already finished filming for the season, so what’s next for you? Great interview Shari, I enjoyed it and I don’t really even watch 90210.

It means that we get addicted to predictability and we keep trying the same thing over and over and over again and think that next time it will work when really we just keep repeating our mistakes time and again.

But it’s our comfort zone, we know what to expect and how to react and how to bounce back from it. It’s when you get out of this hamster wheel that you realize that there’s a more exciting world out there.

90210 Pictured: Michael Steger Photo Credit: Courtesy of JSquared Photography/The CW ©2009 The CW Network, LLC. " data-medium-file=" w=300&h=199" data-large-file=" w=500" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-8023" title="90210 Pictured: Michael Steger Photo Credit: Courtesy of JSquared Photography/The CW ©2009 The CW Network, LLC. For instance, what’s going on in Haiti and different things around the world.

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