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Thorne said the women wouldn't be as beautiful or sophisticated as a maid of honor he knew.

As Katie and Thorne continued wedding planning, the topic turned to what he'd wear to the wedding.

Hope responded that she and Liam had exchanged occasional cards and silly selfies, but she'd thought he and Steffy had been happy.

Hope hadn't wanted to be the ex who couldn't let go, but Hope couldn't "not" feel something or not care upon knowing what Steffy had done with his father.

Brooke replied that Ridge was fighting for the couple, and she and Ridge had invited them to the wedding so that they could remember what marriage was about.

"Even if it's a question of sleeping with her husband's father," Hope stated.

Brooke stated that people had said the same about her and Ridge. Hope said that he could always count on her if he needed to talk.

She joked that he shouldn't embarrass his date, and he asked if she was assuming he had a date.

Katie assumed that he was flying an exotic woman in, but Thorne said the truth was that he didn't do well with first dates.

Hope stated that Liam had been a huge part of her life, and he always would be.

"Now, will you please stop asking questions you already know the answer to? Brooke said she had been surprised that Hope hadn't kept in better touch with Liam.

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