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When anti-gay leaders in the GOP caught wind that Schwacke was gay, they pressed him to resign.When he refused, they accused him of using office computers to search for sex online.At 52, the life-long bachelor has been fodder for such rumors for years, but with the resignation of Sen.Larry Craig, R-Idaho — the anti-gay politician who pled guilty to disorderly conduct after allegedly soliciting sex in an airport men's room — the internet is abuzz over who's next, and they're dying to know what's going on in Graham's bedroom.The charges proved baseless and Schwacke continued to serve until being unseated in the Republican primary.Looking back, Schwacke says some good did come out of it — his freedom.But he says there will be a day when politicians won't bury their sexual orientation — once the next generation rises to power without the requisite hangups over gays and lesbians (or potentially asexual loners, for that matter)."On most issues, politicians don't lead the way, they lag behind," he says.

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"It can be very detrimental in politics to back people into a corner," Smith says. Early in the campaign, state Democratic Party Chair Dick Harpootlian said Graham was "a little too light in the loafers to fill Strom Thurmond's shoes." He later said he didn't know what "too light in the loafers" meant.And even though they held the story until after Craig's arrest was made public, some still accused the paper of orchestrating a witch hunt.When GQ asked last year, Graham wasn't mean, just dismissive. But that denial isn't stalling renewed interest in the question."Even when they're acting against their own self interests and mine." That said, he warns that the tightrope these closeted politicians are walking is thin and that positions harmful to the gay community could prompt activists to address the hypocrisy, much like they have in the Craig case. The comments about Graham are not new, but they haven't seen this kind of prominence since Graham's 2002 election to the U. Apparently he didn't know what too thick in the head meant either.During a debate, Democratic candidate Alex Sanders also seemed to frame a question about Rudy Giuliani's endorsement as an indictment on Graham's personal life.

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