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12 I would agree with everything people have previously said. 16 I am very excited and a little apprehensive if they are actually going to make this story into a movie. I love it and Gabaldon is one of my most favorite authors. It was my mother who told me to give a try years ago and I got hooked. This is one series I've always wanted to see made into a movie.

It is a wonderful series, and i too say, take your time, spend the money and do it well. The books are phenomenal and I'd hate to have my love for this story crushed to a thousand pieces by a crappy director. I would call the "Romance Novel" aspect to be very, very minor. The only one I might want more would be The Dark Tower series..Outlander could be great.

If done properly these books would make more money at the box office than Robin Hood or Brave Heart or any other action packed love story every written.

My husband is a John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, movie fan, and he has found the audio version of these books interesting when we vacation.

Jamie is younger (late teens in "Outlander" at least, when it starts), has longish red hair (obviously), Scottish (obviously), so they'd need an actor who could do a believable Scottish accent. I read these books when my Mom was done with them, since then we have discussed how this would make a great film and who could portray the main characters.

There weren't many choices at the time for good actors but now, now the door has been opened for some great potential.

Enjoying them again, in audiobook so I can do it at work, and now news of the movie. 18 Okay first off I would like to say that this series of stories is a god send, it got me hooked into looking at my own Scottish heritage and loving it all the more.

I would like to point out to all the guys and gals that happen to think this amazing woman's work is just some silly paperback romance novel, and just mention she spent years doing research on a culture she had no idea about, her books are classified under historical fiction, because that's what they resolve around, the historical aspects of 18th century Scotland during the Second Rising of the Stuarts all the way to the happenings of the American Revolution.

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Jamie is short for James Alexander Malcom Makenzie Frazier, and probably the most compelling hero ever written.The story is so rich that it would appeal to all audiences.Yes, there is romance as the two main characters meet and fall in love - but a "romance" in the strict genre-sense it is not. I would love, love, love, to see a movie made from this series.I also got my sisters-in-law hooked...they're just as excited as I am about this.However, -40 million is not a lot of money to make a movie.

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