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Philadelphia (where R&B WDAS-FM l L) Steve Williams leaves after just six months on the job). There's also Paulina Rubio s Paulina (Universal), which features the former teen group singer and starlet (Continued on page 98) Curb Re-Signs Le Ann Rimes BY PHYUIS STARK NASHVILLE— Somewhere be- tween the themes of such career- spanning Curb Records hits as "Blue," "Big Deal." and "Commit- BILLBOARD EXCLUSIVE ment" may lie the ultimate lessons thus far in the tumultuous story of Lei Vnn Rimes' success. BILLBOARD'S INTERNATIONAL BUYER'S GUIDE IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE! Mellnd3 Newman (Los Angles), Pttyllb SUri i Nathvllk) Ekpoty Editor Vtynt Ho Hnwn Smior Ed Hon: EJChilttnun (Retaill. Chuck Ta^l Of S«n(M Wrilm: Chris Morns (Lani, Ian Remmer (West) New York: Evjn Oraunsicin. 33 (0) 1-4S49-2933 Latin America /Miami: Marcia Ofrval, 305-864-7578.

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Co-COO Bob Pittman — who oversees AOL Time Warner's Internet, cable, and other subscription businesses — perked up many ears on Wall Street in October 2000 when he revealed that Time Inc.

generated .500.000 new magazine sub- scriptions through AOL promotions dur- ing a five-month period last year.

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