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“He is a harsh critic, so he’ll tell me quite quickly if I’ve got it wrong.” Although the couple – who have been courting for more than two years – have no immediate plans to settle down, Tamsin did get a glimpse into motherhood while filming.“It didn’t make the final cut, but I had my first ever childbirth scene,” she says.Your heart kind of leaves your body and you give it permission to walk around with someone else for a while. KATE BECKINSALE loved making out with JOSH HARTNETT during PEARL HARBOR (2001) - because the 22-year-old was such an attentive lover.

”Although he possesses impossibly chiselled matinee idol good looks, the 37-year-old actor is very far from the cliche of a Hollywood leading man.

Still, he hasn’t resorted to going about London in disguise.

The heavy moustache he is currently sporting is for his role in a BBC drama called The Outcast, which he is filming with Jessica Brown Findlay.

The British beauty has to decide between Hartnett and co-star BEN AFFLECK in the war epic - and admits Hartnett's fake love-making was very considerate. We had these really tough girdles, it was all very authentic. Sometimes we cheated and left them off, but we got our comeuppance, actually.

Actor Joshua Daniel Hartnett was born on July 21, 1978, in St. With a string of big-budget titles to his credit, Hartnett has emerged from the crowded ranks of late-90s teen heartthrobs to become a sought after leading man.

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