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Even if not required by law, correcting a commission expiration date in a seal impression could cause the document to be rejected. California Notaries must include their title in the California acknowledgment form after printing their commission name: “Notary Name, Notary Public.” This problem isn’t unique to California.Notaries in other states may encounter widely circulated Notary certificates that may require them to print their title after their name.Best thing to do (if possible) would be to use a clean acknowledgement form and re-do it, but if that isn't possible, and if you have room without covering any printed portion of the document, re-stamp (properly, of course! It will make you look stupid, of course, but the document should be accepted, and you should learn from your mistake and not do it again. I have notarized documents in which the venue is not correct or not there, the incorrect wording for the certificates.I attach the new California All Purpose Acknowledgement and/or Jurat and I explain to the signer why and identify the civil code as well so when they return the document for processing they have an explanation of why there is the attachment.I know the number of things required and count them out when I do my quality check to assure that one wasn't missed. In a situation where there is no way to affix your Notary seal without obscuring text on the document, one option would be to complete and attach a certificate form with the appropriate notarial wording that includes sufficient room for the seal.Yes, obviously, the problem is that the words "place Notary Seal Here" will obscure the seal if you actually stamp in that exact spot. Before proceeding, the signer should contact the receiving agency to confirm if an attached certificate form is acceptable or if the receiving agency has other instructions.Also, you must sign each notarial certificate with the signature that you filed with your commissioning official.For example, don’t leave out or add an initial to your signature if it doesn’t match your commission name on file.

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It is their form and they make the rules, but they do not allow space for a proper acknowledgement with seal..is the solution? Sometimes a notary will leave off a middle initial or middle name and sometimes they will add it even though it isn't the way the person signed.

If you are an NNA member you can contact our Hotline team at 1-888-876-6827 or [email protected] the state you are commissioned in and the type of documents you are being asked to notarize, and they should be able to assist you. Determine what is required to be on the certificate.

In my state the information on my seal is not part of the certificate and does not fulfill the certificate requirement.

If the certificate comes to you pre-printed with the wrong location, cross it out and write in the correct location where the notarization occurred.

The name you write on a notarial certificate must exactly match the name on your official Notary commission.

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