Updating immigrant visa

These figures are averages and you may pay much lower or higher than the stated amounts depending on your school or program.Graduate students in Canada generally pay higher than undergraduate or publicly funded college students.According to Statistics Canada, the average undergraduate tuition in 2012 for Canadian citizens and permanent residents is 66.This is however, dependent on the program and location (province).While some schools may accept late admissions, if your application is received outside the deadline set for international students, you may not get funding and your study permit application may also be delayed, if you manage to get admission. I applied almost 9 months before the deadline for my Master’ of Science program at Lakehead University (and I got full-funding).

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International students pay differential fee which can be more than triple what local students pay.Before I start dealing with study permit and temporary residence visa (TRV) for international students, let me briefly talk about MONEY.Money matters are important and there is no way you can get a study permit to Canada unless you can convince an immigration officer that you have adequate funds for tuition, health and living expenses.w=411&h=372" alt="photo of Canadian visa, Jacob Marfo Photography, Thunder Bay" width="411" height="372" / The first stage to get a study permit to Canada is getting an offer of acceptance.You cannot apply for a study permit if you do not have a valid letter of acceptance (admission letter) from accredited private or publicly funded post-secondary institution.

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