Guys infected with herpes and telling girls you are dating

In trying too hard to be selfless, I was, quite frankly, being a selfish idiot.To summarize the following months, I had three total surgeries to fix the sinus cavity, had a wholly uneventful takedown surgery, and have had two stricture surgeries since takedown, the most recent of which happened on Monday.

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To boot, they had to order an MRI so they could find the fistula.

Through the daze, I remember wilting onto a gurney in some shape resembling a parenthesis, a team of doctors and paramedics surrounding me, wrapping me with blood pressure cuffs and putting monitors all over my body.

Someone wrote my blood pressure on the bed sheet, but I don”t remember what it was, only that nothing seemed to be good.

I was still conscious enough to know what this meant and that it probably wasn”t good, but it wasn”t scary, in fact, it was quite tempting and I considered for a moment how nice that option could be for me.

However, the multiple bags of saline started pumping through my veins and I woke up in a room with a cute doctor doing an ultrasound of a vein on my right forearm and another doing an ultrasound of my heart and other vital organs to be sure they weren”t totally FUBAR.

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