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The integration of petrographic and geochemical data shows that Lick Creek Cave is the result of polyphase speleogenesis in three major episodes: (1) Middle to Late Carboniferous, (2) Eocene, and (3) (sub-)Recent to Recent.The Carboniferous and (sub-)Recent to Recent speleogenesis appear epigenic, i.e., driven by surface-derived waters, whereas the Eocene event was hypogenic, i.e., driven by ascending hydrothermal waters.The terrible creature is wide awake, and Smaug is waiting for Bilbo.

Stable isotope data from other Carboniferous limestones, including paleocave breccias, follow a regional meteoric pathway established elsewhere in the Madison for the Late Carboniferous transition from greenhouse to icehouse conditions.Previous workers have determined separate hydrothermal and meteoric C stable isotope fields for speleothems in caves in Carboniferous limestones from the Black Hills, South Dakota.We re-define the stable isotope ranges for meteoric and magmatic–hydrothermal calcites based on a comparison of stable isotope data from the Little Belt Mountains with those from the Black Hills.There, he sees the magnificent, terrible dragon asleep on piles of treasure.Smaug is red and gold, with fiery breath, sharp claws, and a hide as strong as a diamond.

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