Prison planet dating site

Rendon was found less than a week after he was shot and killed in a cornfield south of Bexar County.Mark John Mc Kay, the defense attorney, said Martinez was “blinded by her love for Clines.” “She falls in love with a guy and does stupid stuff.But in this country, which locks up more than 2.4 million people and enjoys the title of most incarcerated nation in the world, the practice of pen-palling takes on a pragmatic purpose: It links those behind bars to the outside world.

In early 2006, I began working on a piece on prison-based activism for the music and politics magazine Punk Planet.

At other times, a prisoner will contribute a vital bit of information that proves unavailable anywhere else.

Often, though, the “use” of pen-palship is not in the particulars of what is being communicated, but in the act of communicating.

Both men were shot in the head “execution style," KSAT reported.

Cordero was discovered lying face-down after being killed in southeast Bexar County.

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