Zabbix readme updating

Similarly, you need to pull Zabbix Docker image in the Docker world.

This Docker image contains standard Zabbix additional XXL (community) extensions.

GPLv3 This is my first attempt to create an ansible role, so please send suggestion or pull requests to make this role better.

Github: mail: ikben [ at ] werner-dijkerman .

1) Start database container for Dockbix: docker run \ -d \ --name dockbix \ -p \ -p 100051 \ -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \ --link dockbix-db:\ --env="ZS_DBHost=dockbix.db" \ --env="ZS_DBUser=zabbix" \ --env="ZS_DBPassword=my_password" \ --env="XXL_zapix=true" \ --env="XXL_grapher=true" \ monitoringartist/dockbix-xxl:latest Please visit Docbix Agent XXL project and read README for more details.

This is only for testing, DB data are not stored in persistent storage - not for production!!!

Zabbix XXL is a standard Zabbix prepared for Docker world.

3rd party projects: docker-dockbix-agent-xxl.service Created symlink from /etc/systemd/system/ to /usr/lib/systemd/system/docker-dockbix-agent-xxl.service.If you want to use mysql, uncomment the 2 lines from mysql and comment the 2 lines for postgresql.You'll need to find the correct database role by yourself.200 community templates from Zabbix Community Repos - programmatically verified template compatibility with Zabbix 3.0.This is a community maintained attempt at providing incremental database patches. Incremental upgrades have been tested for Open SUSE 11.3, Cent OS 5.5, Free BSD 8.1, Slackware-current and Debian 6.0.3.

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