Validating sources

(Click on image for enlarged view.) To support this package, I first created a set of tables, all of which are the same except for the names.The package starts with an Execute SQL task that truncates the Emp Hire Dates2 and Emp Hire Dates4 tables.But others may be easy to find in libraries or on the Web. dissertation or major book -- you will have to become a literary Indiana Jones.Focus at first on confirming the accuracy of key points in your secondary sources. You will need to travel, to rummage through libraries and archives looking for documents and artifacts no one has written up or even noticed before.SSIS by default checks the data sources used by the various components.This process for SSIS package validation ensures that the external metadata is valid.The first Data Flow task retrieves data from Emp Hire Dates1 and inserts it into Emp Hire Dates2.

Figure 3: Receiving a validation error message when opening the SSIS package.If the metadata is not valid, you'll receive warning or error messages pointing to the problem.At times, you might want to override the default behavior and open the SSIS package without validation.Figure 2 shows the Data Flow tab for this Data Flow task.Notice that the OLE DB source, which references the Emp Hire Dates3 table, shows an error. (Click on image for enlarged view.) If you were to run this SSIS package, you would receive a validation error message (shown in Figure 3) that indicates there is an error in the data flow.

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