Gretsch serial number dating

I have a working draft paper which sumarizes date stamp / serial number combinations as well as other characteristics such as interior finish.

There is a fairly strong correlation between date stamp and serial number.

was there a specific drum finish,or time that determined tack choice?

thanks for the update.i made note of the change.a couple of questions about round badge grommets and tom tacks.regarding bass drum are nickel yet some are read that gretsch didnt flange the bottom of the grommet on the bass drum so the badge sometimes came there a specific time period that determined grommet choice?

Pretty weird to quote myself in a post, but I have an update. Gretsch Drum Dating to discuss the paper, collect information and provide updates and revisions to the paper.

Mid 50's saw silver colored on Snares but I can't recall having ever seen anything other than brass on a snare after silver sealer started and probably even before.Of course, there are exceptions and outliers which cannot be ignored.Like other dating guides, any estimate produced is only a best guess, not a precise or guaranteed answer.Rick Also, as my paper is very data-driven and I continue to collect more reports of vintage Gretsch drums, I anticipate that there will be additional refinements to the paper.Rick The "Report Your Drums" page is not interactive or a fill-in-the-field type of thing.

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