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The events of last night felt like a far away dream, until the morning. He was dressed smart but casual, a well-fit button up and slacks.

Keys are on the table in the kitchen.” “Of course Dad.

” “You do Daddy…” “Louder.” “YOU OWN THIS PUSSY DADDY” He groaned happily, slapping away.

His seed spread everywhere, thick and white and sticky.

Yesterday’s outfit, a loose skirt and spaghetti top that I’d left on my desk, had disappeared. Mom was making herself breakfast, shuffling around with tired eyes. I also grabbed a bit of underwear, nothing extravagant - I had to send him pics, obviously. This time she really likes the guy and his big hard cock makes her wanna feel it both in her mouth and pussy and in her tight chocolate hole.She gets her ass well lubed for the first penetration cuz anal ... cutie would never admit it, but she's been dreaming about raw anal sex ever since she saw that porn video with some college babe getting fucked in the ass by her sporty boyfriend.

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