Consolidating itunes music

Listen to music from famous Korean singers and band players.

The website features Lee Joo Yeon, Bo A, Ga Yoon, Jung Yong-hwa, Yuri, Ailee, Hyun Ah, G-dragon, Bae Suzy, Nichkhun, Jaejin, Hyolyn, Yoona, Victoria and so many more.

BUT he’d have Group A listen to one style of music. Once the 15 minutes was up, he’d wait an hour, ask them questions about the article, and compare how much each group remembered. Because here’s the kicker: Lozanov ALSO discovered you can’t simply turn on ANY classical music to get the effect…

Then he’d do the same thing the next day, a week later, and then a month after that. (Only certain individual pieces work.) AND you have to listen to them during specific points in the learning process to get the effect.

All of these tracks are available for free download.

(Which is one of the reasons why we consider using MUSIC to be one the 7 Essential Study Skills here at planet Rocket Memory™…) In fact, over a 30-year span, he ran hundreds of experiments testing the effect of music on various aspects of learning: Like for example… He’d give test subjects a short article to read – telling them they were going to be quizzed on the material.We purchased the rights to these recordings, and had 100 copies professionally produced into a 3 CD set, with an attractive full-color casing. Clinical Psychologist Regularly Featured in The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun Times, & ABC Radio.If you’d like to get a copy of this CD set before they sell out (we only have a handful remaining at this point), just send me an email (Ryan [at] Rocket Memory [dot] com) with the subject line “RAM Music Compilation” and I can arrange to get you a copy. And we also have the MP3s available for .95 (with no shipping cost) if you’re interested. My warmest regards, Ryan Levesque Rocket Memory™ Founder “Rocketmemory Founder Ryan Levesque is The Go-To Guy when it comes to memory. See More Reviews » “In my 40 years in education, I've never seen a memory course as uniquely well- designed as this one - whether you're a student, going back to school, or simply want to improve your mind.And he ran experiments like that one testing virtually every style of music you can imagine. Now pay close attention, because this is the important part…Eventually, he came to the conclusion that there IS in fact specific music that helps you learn faster and remember more. Because music impacts your brain DIFFERENTLY at each of these stages, according to what something we call the RAM Music Effect™.

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