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He worked then as a nail machine operator and a day laborer, never keeping a job more than a year.He drank casually in corner saloons and acquired a venereal disease before twenty.

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4 Early on, Hammett recognized the patterns in his own and others' behavior, as well as the implausibility of overthrowing them."An enigmatic want-ad took me into the employ of the Pinkerton's National Detective Agency," he wrote, "and I stuck at that until early in 1922." 5 His family was relieved, for the Pinkertons were thought an antidote for delinquency, much as the Marines are today.They were highly regimented, but on twenty-four hour call.A detective could lie, cheat, steal evidence, break promises, blackmail and manipulate people in order to bring the criminal to justice.He owed the client results as much as he owed the agency his loyalty and the law his respect.

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