Nude submissive dating

The male sub is to tie his balls with a shoelace or rope tighty separating each testicle.

After the male sub has used hollow strap on to satisfy Mistress, the male sub will proceed to thank said cock for satisfying his Mistress then the male sub will lick and clean Mistresss juices off strap on, performing fellatio on “Shemar” and praising their ability and his lack thereof.Enjoy reading all about our play and please add your comments as well.Unless expressed otherwise by Mistress, the male sub shall dress himself in a manner he feels will be pleasing to and appropriate for his Mistress.This is the ongoing new worldly adventures in the life of Mistress Lin and her sub fiancee tony.Our lifestyle now involves female domination, sub humiliation, pegging, feminization, cbt, chastity, spanking, cucking and all around good ol American fun.

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