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Ellin based Mrs Ari's name on his wife, Melissa Hecht.

Reeves was brought into the cast while she was shooting Mr and Mrs Smith.

When Ari is fired in the episode "Exodus," Lloyd is the only one who joins him on the way out and works for Ari's new agency in the third season.

Over the course of the season, he continues to prove himself on the job, booking Drama's role in the new NBC series Five Towns.

This is the list of major and minor recurring characters in the HBO comedy-drama television series Entourage.

In the fifth season, Shauna steps in to help Vince's income stream by encouraging him to appear at a sweet sixteen party for USD200,000.Played by Rex Lee (74 Episodes) A former soap actress turned Beverly Hills socialite, Melissa Gold, known for most of the show's run as "Mrs.Ari", is Ari's long-suffering wife and the mother of his children.Mrs Ari has been shown to fully support her husband in his decisions through thick and thin, although in season 6, she is disgusted with Ari lying to her about Andrew Klein cheating on his wife Marlo (whom she had become close friends with).In the season 6 finale "Give A Little Bit," Mrs Ari refuses to give Ari additional money to buy out the Terrance Mc Quewick Agency because of his admission of wanting to avenge his firing years before, but she is convinced to lend him the money for business reasons.

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