Backdating jobseekers allowance

3) Written statement of reasons If the Jobcentre has not sent you a written statement of reasons for the sanction with your Decision Letter, then request it immediately.

The DWP says you do not have to ask for a written statement before asking for reconsideration, but that looks like bad advice.

This is far too few, because the statistics show that the success rate of appeals is currently over 50 per cent.

8) Keep claiming The statistics suggest that in recent months, unreasonable pressure from sanctions has been leading an increasing number of claimants to drop their JSA claims entirely.

‘Cancelled’ and ‘reserved’ sanctions decisions are those where a claimant has stopped claiming (or is not entitled to) JSA at the time the sanction referral was made, or whose claim has ended between the time of referral and the time of decision.

https://uk/appeal-benefit/decisions-made-on-after-28-october-2013quarter 2.1) Reconsideration time frame You have to contact the DWP within 1 month of the Decision Letter to ask for mandatory reconsideration, or 1 month and 14 days if you also asked for written statement of reasons for the sanction.

The DWP does not have to respond within any set period, but you should contact them if there is a delay of more than a month to make sure your request is being progressed.

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