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It is free of charge and destined for those who have genuine operating systems running on their machines.

Before starting the installation procedure for the application your OS has to pass the genuine validation test, otherwise Microsoft Security Essentials will not find its way in directory.

The “History” tab is where all items detected during various scans are present, quarantined or allowed to function freely.

For each selected malicious item you will benefit from information such as malware category it pertains to as well as a brief description, Microsoft recommendation and path to its location.

But before validation of your operating system the application will warn that it cannot coexist with other antivirus products, recommending their uninstall, thus preventing any eventual clash.

However, after all this is done, installation of the program will run smoothly, at the end of which an easy to navigate, clear interface awaits (very similar to Windows Defender's).

There is one more section on the menu: Microsoft Spynet.Besides this, the screen compacts the three types of scans available in the application: .Making no exception from the general rule, a quick scan will search the places, processes in memory and registry data on hard disk that is most likely to be targeted by malicious code.Just like its name suggests, a full scan looks in every nook and cranny while targeting down malware.Going with a custom scan is exactly what it sounds like: you control the areas of the computer that should be verified by the application.

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