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The Office 365 username is configured once during the initial sync and will not be updated.The only way to change it is by using Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows Power Shell.Yesterday I received a strange error report from a person trying to create a new Share Point site collection.Our front line guy went to investigate and found that she was getting a “User cannot be found” error out of Share Point when attempting to complete the self-service site creation process.It also appears that Site User data is not updated when user data changes in Active Directory (as long as the SID stays the same, that is). ID $root = get-spweb -identity "https://edu/" $root. Get By ID($id) # (This should return a "User cannot be found" error.) #Now to see what is in Site User Info List: $root. Get Item By Id($id) # (This data can be cleaned up in the browser by visiting: # " /_catalogs/users/simple.aspx" # from your site collection page.) People and Groups, then select a group.Additional user account data is stored in XML data in the Share Point databases, and can be accessed using the Share Point Web “Site User Info List” property. Note the URL in your browser: https://edu/sites/[site Name]/_layouts/people.aspx?You'll notice that you cannot change the user name field in Office 365 and the display shows, "This user is synchronized with your local Active Directory.

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I had to do the same thing When users left the company, their accounts are deleted in AD (But their profiles are not deleted in Share Point). New AD-Account created and I just used the "Migrate User" command to associate the new account with their existing user profile.

Their pre-Windows 2000 AD logon name was changed as well to reflect their new name.

However, these dirsynced users were getting an Office 365 user name based on their old name from a non-updated user Principal Name in AD.

Since the user was already Synced I had to add the old users email as a proxy Address in the attribute editor etc.

Everything synced up pretty well, but the problem was that the E-mail field in AD UPN didn’t match the 365 username.

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