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Or maybe a business or "side hustle" idea you can start online in your spare time for some extra income?There are some real weird niches in here and some I simply have never heard of before but after research I found out are HUGE.

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Get involved in all the main forums and social media groups in the niche and use them to share your content where appropriate – many forums allow signature links if nothing else. To get more information on content marketing and traffic including all the methods I've just discussed see my post here.Be a smart marketer and only promote products that will solve their problems, are actually useful and are high quality.Do all of this and you'll be on your way to creating an authority site in the niche.We show you how to profit from affiliate marketing (the easiest way to profit from niches) and share the latest secrets here: affiliate marketing category. If no one is currently marketing in a niche it's probably for good reason - there's no money to be made! ) Stick to niches that have blogs, forums and social media hubs as these are great places to network, find your customers, drive traffic and get content ideas from. We cover how to choose the best hosting and get started here.Create content around common problems in the niche that you find through forums and Q&A sites.

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