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The stories featured on this website are true and specific feedback from actual clients.

As with all successful therapeutic interactions, the individuals have cooperated fully and are ultimately responsible for their own success.

It seems these kinds of situations can be dealt with through better communication in the earlier stages of dating.When we first started dating I was overwhelmed by his chivalry and romance.Hopefully, he will see how much you love him and want it to work and "get it!Or I go on lots of first dates but not so many second ones.The quicker a man wants to have sex with a woman, the less long term plans he usually has for her.

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    In honor of Burning Man, an event where sex, drugs, and sex on drugs are all pretty commonplace things, we’re taking a look at an old favorite: how a few of the more popular intoxicants on the market affect the oldest drug in the book.

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    While in New York, the ISB recorded two singles for Goldstar Records, and an album which went unreleased and was eventually lost.

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