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But he did not complete his education instead began a manual work like ventilation, installing air conditioning systems etc.

Anthony Cumia was passionate in radio, and making it as her profession she joined an American radio show, which was hosted by the Gregg "Opie" Hughes.

Amazingly, the controversy led to an even bigger opportunity at WWE in New York City.

This guy is the co-presenter of the show "Opie and Anthony" along with Gregg and Jim.

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Edit On December 19, 2015, Anthony got arrested for violating his old girlfriend, Dani Brand.

He was born on April 26, 1961, in Elwood, New York, the United States of America.

Anthony is an American by nationality, and he belongs to a white ethnicity. Glenn High School in Elwood before starting his career on.

In 2004, Viacom - the parent company of CBS Radio/Infinity-owned stations - had to pay .5 million to cancel all pending indecency claims against the show after a segment called 'Sex for Sam' encouraged people to have sex in public places.

A radio shock jock who hosted 'Opie and Anthony' is facing charges over a fight with a woman at his New York home after the alleged victim posted a video of the two fighting onto her periscope account.

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