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Three strong, independent Israeli-Palestinian women try to square their liberated, hedonistic lifestyles with the stultifying restrictions of conservative family life, in Maysaloun Hamoud's charming and vital drama. We follow a rave DJ instigator rigging up decks in abandoned warehouses, a nosebleed 'techno tourist' who chases the hardcore around Europe and a girl addicted to...

(Technical note: This video was made using a new camera Henri created, with the camera sitting sideways in its concealment.After a hard day's work she puts an adult flick on the TV, and settles onto the bed. Kat begins by stretching, and as the action heats up on the screen, her clitoris gets hard and she reaches under her skirt for a little rub. ) she's opened her legs to get better access to the goods.The camera is just the right spot to peer at her gorgeous pussy.She can occasionally be seen in her videos with her hand over her mouth, to muffle her cries of pleasure.To catch her playing with herself, Henri has set up a couple of cameras in their apartment, as well as a DV recorder he's borrowed from me.

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