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‘s official page, in a video that coincided with the end of an episode dedicated to several other Duggars‘ weddings, fans got the first proper glimpse of Josiah’s new girlfriend Marjorie Jackson and her sparkling personality.Introducing the idea that she’s “purposefully dating” the fourth Duggar boy, Marjorie teased that she is courting “one of the boys – and it’s not John David, it’s not Joseph, not Jedidiah … ” We know that Duggar parents Jim Bob, 49, and Michelle, 48, approve of the relationship, but the video shows without a doubt that this incredibly accomplished 17-year-old – who is bilingual, plays piano and has written a book encouraging young women to read the Bible – fits well in the Duggar family.PHOTOS: Failed reality TV romances "As far as our kids dating, we believe a lot of times if you're alone with the person, it can create desires that can kind of get stirred up, and you don't have any accountability, and [that] can kind of lead to some hanky panky," Jim Bob explained on the show. "Courtship is really getting to know each other for the purpose of possibly getting engaged and getting married," the father of 19 said. "Obviously we're saving our first kiss for marriage," Ben said.Added Jill, who is courting 25-year-old Derick Dillard: "The main difference between courting and dating is setting boundaries for yourself so that you don't cross over those." PHOTOS: Stars who got their start on reality TV Those boundaries, for Jessa and her beau, Ben Seewald, 18, include no holding hands, no kissing, and always having a chaperone (usually one of the Duggars' 10 sons). "It's pretty basic." Michelle and Jim Bob, who are devout fundamentalist Independent Baptists, also require that their daughters' suitors include them on any text messages.(Why else would they let her share this “insider information”?) In the spirit of “getting to know each other along with family and friends,” big brother Josh, 27, showed up to offer up some sage advice (not to mention “all [his] good looks”) about how each couple embarks upon courtship with its own structure.His twin sister Jana is often called the Cinderella Duggar, because at 27, she still hasn’t gone public with any courtships.

” Josiah, 18, answered without pause: “Marjorie.” Smart young man, that Josiah. We don't understand the tradition, but then, there's a lot that we don't understand about the Duggar way of life.Anyway, when Jana Duggar finds herself a potential hand-holding partner, she apparently reports back to her twin John-David. My lips are sealed.” Sure, she didn't spill the tea, but she definitely verified that there's a secret to keep, which is almost as bad.The media storm that ensued may have also ended a fledgling courtship as well.Josiah Duggar had just announced his courtship with Marjorie Jackson a few weeks before the scandal, but soon after the news broke, it looked like Josiah and Marjorie had called it quits as well.

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