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Unfortunately, it’s a false sense of well-being and is entirely dependent on the actions of others (thus the inevitable crippling neediness).

New Yorkers get right down to business; Parisians take refuge in ornate but time-proven ritual; but here people just give up and go home. What British women count as obvious eye contact is, to men, no more than a blink.

When we believe something that is out of alignment with reality, we suffer…

To wrap up this point: Most people can’t recognize when they believe something impossible, nor can they see the false belief as the source for all of the suffering…

British women are slightly better placed: 57 per cent think they are good at spotting flirtation. In Paris, 53 per cent of men and 95 per cent of women think they know what’s happening.

Women in particular must keep feelings private, often even avoiding eye contact, lest they be thought ‘easy’. But it does, because men and women are both au fait with the rules of engagement and keep to them.

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