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Although most instances of child luring could be considered as such according to its definition, some might not, depending on age of the victim or offender and other circumstances.

Internet bank fraud: During the 12 months preceding the survey, credit or debit cards (or information from them) were used from an Internet source to make purchases or withdraw money without authorization from the cardholder.

Internet user: For the purpose of this report, Internet users refer to those who reported having used the Internet in the 12 months preceding the survey. questioned respondents aged 15 and over on their personal experiences with cyber-bullying.

In addition, respondents aged 18 and over with children aged 8 to 17 living in their household were asked about the experiences these children had with cyber-bullying.

However, to date, it remains difficult to measure the nature and extent of the issue.

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Phishing: Had ever previously received fraudulent e-mail from someone posing as a trustworthy and legitimate organization requesting personal information.

Other types of phishing are not included in this report.

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    Bank worker Faye Howard, 23, sent a final text to 22-year-old Billy O'Brien after she was left 'embarrassed' and 'felt like a burden' after suffering from a debilitating bowel condition called Pelvic Floor Dyssynergia.

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