Dating violence from

A number of studies have looked exclusively at adolescent's internalizing, externalizing, and PTSD symptoms, with a range of findings.

In a child welfare population, psychological maltreatment, as opposed to experiencing or witnessing physical or sexual assault, had the most profound effect on youth's internalizing and externalizing behaviors; witnessing family violence had a modest effect only for boys.

However, the knowledge base on IPV has been generated by investigators in a diverse range of fields, such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, criminal justice, family studies, feminist studies, and the health sciences.

Two thirds were hospitalized for suicidal ideation or behavior.

It was proposed that alcohol use may be used in conjunction with IPV as part of a sexual control process to obtain sex against a woman’s consent.

These findings, and those reported previously regarding ].

These self-reports of violent behaviors indicated that there was hitting, slapping, or some other form of physical harm during the dating period.

Students with poorer grades (“mostly Ds and Fs”), African-Americans and non-Hispanic students, and students from the Northeast area of the United States were at greatest risk for DV is the leading cause of injury for women between the ages of 15 and 44, resulting in 2 million injuries and almost 1300 deaths annually.

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