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The Arabic songs are of a diverse musical inheritance that has all come out to form the Arab Music that we know today.Arab music spreads on many Arab countries to produce an archive of the top Arabic songs including best Arabic music from: Moroccan music, Lebanese music, Egyptian music, Syrian music, Algerian music, Bahraini music, Emirati music, Iraqi music, Jordanian music, Kuwaiti music, Libyan music, Omani music, Palestinian music, Qatari music, Saudi Arabian music, Sudan music, Tunisian music, Yemeni music.Today, Arabic music video clips, Arabic music HD video streaming, are a necessity for the success of new Arabic songs and Arab singers.One single Arabic music video can help an Arabic song reach the Arabic top 10 songs in the charts of Arab Radios and Arab TVs and make it well known internationally.Listen to Live Arabic music online for Free or download our Free radio Apps for i Phone, Android, Nokia & BB.We play the best Arabic songs from a large music archive updated with new 2016 Arabic albums and singles that features many Arabic singers and artists from the Arab world and the Middle East.

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Arab women, more than Arab men, used to have beautiful voices and they were the only ones who sang at that time.

In the past, almost all famous Arabic singers started their musical career from their childhood while participating in school musical festivals singing Arabic kids songs or through singing Arabic wedding songs during the wedding ceremonies.

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