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Natalia Shyrpa and Lyuba Shipvich are two members of the team implementing the digitization plan.

Both left cushy jobs in the United States -- Shyrpa as a digital project manager and Shipvich as a software engineer -- to volunteer in Odesa.

Speed-dating is a great way to meet a lot of different people in a short period of time who are like-minded and enjoy similar lifestyles… Now, through a company called vegspeeddating.com, there are speed-dating events specifically for vegans and vegetarians, and these events are gaining popularity.

The thought behind this speed-dating business is that there is a large population of vegan and vegetarian singles in the San Francisco Bay Area and it is difficult for them to connect with other singles who share their dietary and ethical values.

Her boss, Saakashvili, built a reputation in his previous political life as the blunt-speaking face of reform and anticorruption while president of his native Georgia.

And still, his appointment in May by Ukraine's oligarch-turned-president Petro Poroshenko raised eyebrows.

Activities range from scavenger hunts, to hiking, to a day at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

This is just another way businesses are taking advantage of the growing eco-conscious population in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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It's built so that lawyers can give their legal opinions on proposed bills, and citizens can then suggest iterations on the bills." Passage and implementation, however, are another matter.

'Brainwashed' A key cog in Saakashvili's plan was to have been Sasha Borovik, a native of the western Ukrainian city of Lviv who became a corporate lawyer after immigrating to the United States.

Borovik moved back to Ukraine after the Maidan unrest unseated President Viktor Yanukovych in early 2014, and he served as an adviser to the Economic Development and Trade Ministry.

(file photo) ODESA, Ukraine -- To many of those living or doing business in this otherwise laid-back slice of southern Ukraine, even a whiff of the salty Black Sea breeze can't mask the smell of corruption.

It is a persistent problem that rankles Kyiv and figures prominently in the Ukrainian leadership's Western-backed push for cleaner government and national unity, key factors in the country's pitched battle against armed separatism farther to the east.

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