Mix and match dating

If you have buddies like mine, they'll just pork up your profile with glowing nonsense.

What are they going to say other than "Raina rocks! " Any truth-telling such as "Raina hates fennel" or "Raina's favorite band is Hall & Oates" would be strictly prohibited and would result in MAD. I don't care if it is a superstylish food additive.

There would be no stopping them from nosing through all my information and "reminding" me that I'm not quite 5 feet 10 and that I do not, and will never, look like Marilyn Monroe. I know I sound like an old woman but for goodness sake, show a little digital compassion.

And nursing a new relationship requires a level of honesty just slightly above compulsive lying. How many dates have you told that you looooove jazz and you never eat red meat? I rest my case.) I'm telling you—combining friending and dating is the worst thing to happen to romance since venereal disease.

Kids today seem to want to remove all the double-dealing from dating. It was that Marilyn Monroe lie that got me a husband. I even sang out loud and off-key to the Hall & Oates song that I played on the jukebox with his money.

Had my friends been there, all they would have been able to say was: "Yup, that's Raina.

(My skin shrinks at the thought but hey, I guess I could get used to it.) Plus Zoosk does give you some privacy—interested suitors can't see your pages unless you give them permission.

So you can keep playing Facebook's Sorority Life for hours even though you wrote on your date card that you find that stuff soooo childish.

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