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REGIONAL GEOLOGY Guyana is located on the northeast coast of South America, and is entirely comprised or underlain by rocks of the Precambrian Guiana Shield.The Guiana Shield lies between the Orinoco and Amazon Rivers and encompasses all or portions of neighbouring countries Suriname, French Guiana, Venezuela, Brazil and Columbia, aggregating to an area of 1.6 million km2.

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REGIONAL GOLD ENDOWMENT The Imataca Complex incorporates substantial iron ore deposits in Venezuela, comparable to similar deposits within Archaean portions of the Leo-Man Shield in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone of West Africa.

Just as the Birimian Series of West Africa is noted for its substantial gold endowment, the lesser explored Barama-Mazaruni Greenstones of Guyana and their equivalents in adjacent countries include several significant gold occurrences such as Omai in Guyana, El Callo, Las Christinas and Brisas in Venezuela, Gross Rosebel in Suriname, and Camp Caiman, Dorlin and Yaou in French Guiana (see Figure below).

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