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For many trails, you’d have to restrict you stride so much that it would be a waste of time to try to skate them.

Some trails, like Loggers and Mountain View, are wide enough that’s it quite feasible to skate without touching the tracks.

Also we Saskatchewanians would be most grateful if anyone who does this on Friday or Saturday could post a trail report here. Reply There’s 15 cm of snow in the forecast for Saturday, and more on Sunday, so I doubt that you will have any new tracksetting by Sunday morning.

It’s always possible the Banff tracksetter will choose to do Spray River and Goat Creek on Sunday but chances are the trail will be covered with a lot of fresh snow.

No doubt you’ve checked the Trail Reports link on my blog for Shaganappi, but as we can see, it hasn’t been updated although I imagine grooming has occurred.

Alasdair Fergusson from the Calgary Ski Club sends me an email, usually within 24 hours of grooming, and I post it on the Groomer’s Reports. I don’t know of any other place to get the information.

This routine will be followed until I hang up my skis on April 1st, and that is no April Fool’s joke!

The live grooming report says it hasn’t been groomed for over a month, can that be right??Three years ago our 2 buses had to retreat to the CNC due to icy conditions at Shark and we are hoping not to have to do that again.We understand that it is usually groomed on Thursdays – can anyone confirm this?Reply After a typical ski around Ribbon Cr or PLPP I head back to our campsite at Mt Kidd. Ignore housework, laundry, texts from anyone other than kids, and jump into hot tub, very carefully as I am holding a 9 oz. Discuss with my beloved what we should (he should) make for dinner, check Skierbob website to make sure all is well with the trail reports, (once out of hot tub, of course), do my best to stay up till 9, boot Bob (the dog, people, let’s not start rumors) off my side of the bed, then fall into a blissful slumber. After propping it up, having a cold snow bath, and gnawing on a few chicken bones, I brush my teeth with salt and hit the coal sack.Stretch, start a fire in fire pit and down a couple of beers to hydrate : ) and retire to the camper van , have supper and add up the km’s I had just skied. At 4am my wife kicks me out into the snow and I start all over again.

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