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Two days later, a photo of Di Toro on a cruise, taken from her Facebook, was on the front page; "Shady Lady," the paper screamed, as the sun cast shadows on her dark features. Di Toro is not a victim of a sex crime," editor Col Allen later said in an article defending the Post's coverage.After being asked to participate in this story — and provided a list of Di Toro's allegations by Buzz Feed — Kelly's lawyer Andrew Lankler offered a one-sentence statement: "Nearly two and a half years ago the allegations against Mr.She had a degree in philosophy from James Madison University.She had a boyfriend, Francis Laros, then a 48-year-old South African runner, sailor, and New York University math student. Extra once called him the "Most Eligible Anchorman in America" — as Good Day's candid gaffe-prone co-host, he was also a frequent punch line on E! He was a particularly big deal in New York City: In 2011, Kelly was 42, and his father, Ray Kelly, was already a legend, one of the most popular political figures in town, toying with a run for mayor.

In February 2012, when the DA's sex crimes unit chief sent a letter to Kelly's lawyer declaring her office's investigation found "no criminal charges [were] appropriate," the Post was the first to drop its identity protection.And for the first time since the incident, she wanted to tell it — not to a family member, friend, cop, or counselor, but to the people who may know her as "Shady Lady." "I've gotten to a point in my life where I realize that I didn't do all that I could have done to stand up for myself," said Di Toro, now 31, a petite brunette from a big Long Island family."I was always like a puny little thing, but I always stood up for myself … And it's eaten away at my core every day."While the Post and New York Daily News led the coverage of Di Toro's case in early 2012, national and international outlets followed: the Times, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Associated Press, CNN, Fox News.Di Toro's sister Angela came to her apartment later that day.When Di Toro told her about meeting Kelly, Angela posted on Facebook that Kelly had asked her sister out.

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