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Cain has since been taken to the prison's detention unit.School in win over sex felon (24-7-2006) A convicted sex offender agreed in Albury Court yesterday with conditions of an apprehended violence order being sought by the St Patricks Catholic School principal.He told police that he carried the knife with him and had consumed half a bottle of wine before his arrest.Caldwell was granted bail after appearing in court on May 5 and indicating he intended to plead not guilty.The presbytery building is located within the parish school grounds and has a direct line of sight to classrooms and the childrens play area.Both the police and the school have made requests for Caldwell to seek assistance or counselling elsewhere.

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In 2003, Caldwell, was convicted in Albury court on indecently assaulting a girl aged under 10 and sentenced to 10 months in jail.Solicitor Michael Hayes said Caldwell did voluntary work at St Patricks Church after attending mass each morning.Parish preist Msgr William Fulton gave evidence about Caldwells voluntary work."'Monster' paedophile Glen Campbell belongs in hell, victim says" (18-4-2013) A "monster" paedophile belongs in hell for his 15 years of predatory abuse against five children, one of his now-adult victims says.Glen Campbell avoided the glare of two of his female victims as they read harrowing victim impact statements in the District Court this morning.

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