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I also ordered the Suppressor frame and stuck my dark lens in it - the Crossbow Suppressor frame is ultra thin so you can wear them with ear muffs. Once I found my size in liners and trousers to match, I was in G. But they are built of the same durable cloth that I know well in the jackets, the field pants fit over your regular pants, so don't be surprised if your order seems extra large when you receive them.

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There have been some light surface scratches from a few close shots, but nothing terrible (I can still see out of them perfectly) and hey - their job is to protect my eyes which they do. There really isn't anything comparable in the retail market. Worth paying the extra $ to get something or this quality that's made right here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. It looks like cotton, it's soft like cotton, but it doesn't wrinkle, shrink and most importantly, retain moisture. The headstrap is a nice touch, especially when moving and shooting or moving to prone and seated positions aggressively; the eyewear stays in place. I searched for weeks in order to find just the right vest for concealing my weapon and do it in style. is a classic, brave, heroic, timeless peice of wardrobe. To remind us "Freedom isn't free." No other Army shirt comes this close to being this cool. Athletic, compression, fitted, semi-fitted and loose. Out of all tops I ever bought that claimed the breathable, quick drying and moisture wicking, this Under Armor T-shirt is by far the best. These fit perfectly and do not make me feel foolish behind oversized eyewear. The tinted and clear lenses are all you should need indoors and out. But one should have these kinda shirts gracing their closets, to remember the sacrifices of all our heroic veterans. At this time I only have five for him which are black. Worth every penny for this wife who has to do the laundry.These lenses ordered from the ESS website are 100 bucks a piece! and I love the pocket just under the collar that I can throw my cell phone into for easy reach... I was not entirely aware that these were even MADE until I got a glimpse of the trouser liners for sale elsewhere, then a light went off! I've had field jackets for years, and I know that the liners make ALL the difference, and so it is with these trousers.

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