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2 • i; Af, Arjii N 1992 t's hard to truly appreciate anything unless something of its history is understood.

By looking back we come to know better our present state.

University of Southwestern Louisiana • Duni inoqn s ii • i University of Southwestern Louisiana LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA 7 0 5 0 4 COPYRIGHT © 1992 USL COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE VOLUME74 Table of Contents Student Life Page 10 Sports Page 94 Academics Page 148 Groups & Greeks Page 190 People Page 270 Index Page 408 • it's about time • 9UI11 jnoq B s,;i THE VIEWS EXPRESSED IN THIS ISSUE ARE THOSE OF THE L'ACADIEN STAFF AND NOT THOSE OF THE STAFF AS A WHOLE, USL STUDENTS, FACULTY, OR ADMINISTRATION.

Brick sentinels guard the university entryway at the corner of University Avenue and Johnston Street.

A movement to change the name again-this time to the University of Louisiana-began in 1979.

Many of the signs around the university dropped the "S." "Southwestern" was painted over.

In this case, there were two social networks/messaging services involved: the famous Instagram and Kik Messenger. It received a lot of press a few years ago because RIM (Blackberry) banned them from their app store.

There are a few sides to that story, some people said that RIM was worried about competition to their own BBM (Blackberry Messenger).

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And once they were over on Kik messenger and chatting, this “stranger” asked to see this child’s privates. From innocently posting photos to being solicited by a pedophile.While other people say it had to do with privacy concerns around how Kik accesses one’s address book and then culls through to see if there are other Kik members in there.I don’t have the details and I personally haven’t installed the application because I value my contacts.Over the past few years, I have written about security and safety for the family, especially when it comes to protecting your kids from online predators and social bullies.My wife and I really try to practice what we preach.

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