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The geological record confirms that tephra deposits from such Peléan eruptions have travelled for 160km, or more, and that normally the main eruption is preceded by a preliminary one of lesser intensity, with a time gap ranging from 51 to 203 years.

Settlements on or at the base of the volcano would have been abandoned at the time of the preliminary eruption/earthquakes ( 1520 BC).

The reaction of quicklime with water is associated with an increase in volume by a factor of at least 2.5.

A demonstration of slaking of quicklime as a strongly exothermic reaction. After a while, a pronounced exothermic reaction occurs ('slaking of lime').

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A similar dust was used in China to quell an armed peasant revolt in 178 AD, when lime chariots equipped with bellows blew limestone powder into the crowds.

1520 BC and 1450 BC, respectively, giving a “time gap” of 70 years.

None of the mechanisms proposed for the Cretan site destructions-tsunamis, ash fallout, earthquakes, civil disturbances or invasion can be reconciled with the magnitude of the simultaneous site destructions.

Therefore, an alternative theory is proposed that the Cretan holocaust was caused by “nuées ardentes” emanating from Thera.

It is postulated that these were released through a “split” in the cone wall, of limited area, generating a high velocity jet of tephra fluidized in a red hot gas stream.

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