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And until you let go of this negative, self-fulfilling prophecy, you’re going to keep perpetuating that same cycle of desperation, need, and abandonment. If she doesn’t like the way he texts, calls, communicates, kisses, or commits, she can dump him at any time. A confident woman knows she holds all the cards in the relationship.I have a lot of fears, loneliness, and the need for someone to be affectionate and hold me. Dear Ashley, Did you ever notice how two people can look at the exact same situation through completely different eyes? Here’s your truth: You think you’re not good enough for men. I completely agree with Evan, and I would add that life has lessons, and if we don’t learn them, they come back and knock you harder until you learn your lesson.He is so charming attractive and very skilled in bed. I'm always there to help and to make her happy so she doesn't feel insecure. And when I crawled into my shell to recover he would get upset and blame me for having mood swings. There is no security in this relationship with Libra men. Me as a Cancer needs a man to love me and make me feel wanted.I do get a bit put off by his flirtatious ways but he recognizes that and tries to control it out of respect for me. When she is upset I make love to her to make it all better. im a Cancer women and been with a Libra man for 4 years. we could talk about anything and everything but money was always a issue and intimacy. He would then feel neglected because I was not there to be his cheerleader 24/7. If I have insecurities, it is because of the way he is.

I am also turned off by him always sugar coating everything and trying to keep the peace. im a Cancer teenage girl here and my boyfriend is Libra guy... Its a lot of sexual aggression there on both our parts.He is very considerate to my needs and helps control my moodswings. And then he would go out and get that attention from someone else and blame the whole thing on me. He has time for the whole world, but when it comes to me, I get pushed aside.He would never try to understand or compromise so he constantly got what he needed, but I never got what I needed. When we are together we so enjoy each others company that we do not want to leave each other for a second.Anytime I would bring up saving money, paying off bills or want to talk about something emotional he would literally close down, which would make me upset because I was trying to tell him w hat I needed. I have now separated from this guy and am dating a Capricorn, guess what he is everything I was looking for in a partner.And I would get even more upset when I found out he would talk to outsiders about his feelings in reference to our relationship and not me. Then are selfish and they are oblivious to other people's needs. He listens to me, we talk and do things together and he makes time for me.

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