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Within two years, more than 1.7 million cards had been exchanged.One of the best things about sending e Cards at Christmas time is getting them back! Get your personalized messages right and what starts out as a friendly Christmas e Card on Day One may evolve into a Flirty e Card on Day Twelve!Many had initially thought the cards were outtakes, with the big reveal expected for December 25.Some had speculated this would be a picture of Khloe and Kylie showing their bumps, or perhaps even Kim's new baby - which is due via surrogate imminently.As all of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters were in the card along with mother Kris, grandmother Mary Jo, along all the children, 19-year-old Kylie's omission was a notable one.Rob Kardashian, 30, was also noticeably missing from the entire set of 25 photos.But after Kim clarified that 'These aren’t teasers these are the cards', her followers expressed their shock that Kylie had yet to make an entrance. Elmi expressed the horror of many when she wrote: 'Wait what? 'xtinaray reminded Kim: 'But you know who we all dying to see though...?' Jasmin Moon saw the positive side of things, writing: 'Wait Kim this is Genious so this whole time everyone thought it was going to be this huge collage and in reality the photos were its own individual card?

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KYLIE B***, IM COMING FOR YOU' Contributing editor to Allure magazine Rosemary Donahue had a hilarious take on the situation as she wrote: 'condolences to all other writers who pre-wrote articles on the basis that Kim’s 25th “Christmas card” would feature a pregnant Kylie, we got the media equivalent of coal this year.'Starting on December 1, the Kardashians have been sharing a new picture from their card every single day.

However one thing was missing, as fans were quick to point out - Kylie Jenner.

With just one day left of the cards, anxious Kardashian lovers took to social media to wonder where Kim's 'pregnant' little sister was.

This comes just a day after the teenage star was not included in another group shot which was revealed on Christmas Eve the day before.

That snap had 12 family members lining up for the shot but once again no Kylie or Rob.

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