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I do know that Percy had misgivings about his abilities, both in practical and managerial roles, with particular regard to a future in Winchurch brothers.

A letter from Roland to Percy in 1935 makes this clear : On 24th March 1936 Roland writes: ” I understand that you have no wish for either your son or my son to take any part in the business with the view to carrying on after we are both deceased” A fairly chilling remark, which was not refuted in Percy’s reply.

I know from conversations with him in later life that his heart was never in that job.

He had inherited a love of music, particularly musicals and opera from Marion’s side of the family and perhaps something closer to that interest would have suited him better.

Here he is at Polperro, on a tour of Devon and Cornwall in the early 1930’s.

Vic is at the top of the group and I believe his companions were from Smethwick Council, but cannot put names to other faces.

Harold seems to have won the race for Nina’s affections, because they were married in 1940.

Vic was a keen cyclist and went out on solo and group outings.

Vic also bought book and record cabinets made by Minty of Oxford.

The family lived in Pargeter Road in Smethwick, within walking distance of what Marion always referred to as ‘the Place’ – Winchurch Brothers Motors, in Sandon Road.

The business had been established in 1905, by Percy and Roland, his younger brother, in Ladypool Road, Moseley and moved to new premises in Bearwood around 1912.

In the same letter and in a similar letter of application to Dorset he notes that he is “twenty seven and single…I am of course liable for military service, but as far as I can ascertain it is not likely that I shall be called up for some time to come….” Within two weeks of writing this he was married and had joined the Royal Navy !

Vic Winchurch married Margaret Downing, who worked as a typist for the engineering firm Bellis and Morcom in Birmingham on 8 February 1941.

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