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Pregnant moms might know when they’re leaking, be it breasts or amniotic fluid. If the wetness is specific to your nipple area, you might want to get that checked out by your doctor.

But what if you’re not a new mom, pregnant, or an 18th century wet nurse? Like so many female health issues, this one is a bit of a mystery, but possible culprits include medications, drug use, herbal supplements, and, wait for it … If you can’t determine why fluid is leaking from your nipples, go see your doctor.

That random moment a girl stops whatever she’s doing to go to the bathroom?

It’s probably because one of the questions below popped into her head.

But before you place blame, ask yourself: Is it the lack of foreplay? People say your body is good at telling you what it needs, but clearly they haven’t experienced PMS.

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It all depends on the time of the month, what you did last night, or both.Hair loss is also associated with inadequate protein in your diet. Depending on where you are in your life, a missed period can mean happy news, terrifying news, or that you’re working out like a Cross Fit trainer.It’s not uncommon for female athletes to experience amenorrhea, the ceasing of menstruation.Your eyes will fall in love with the endless galleries parading the hottest collection of chubby boobs and butts.Feel free to navigate around and feast on some of the most incredible big breasts on the web.

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