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Or maybe you have some Klondike bar tricks when it comes to timeframe, location, and props.You can add these special Klondike bar extras into your own chore chart “menu,” if you will.” *Klondike Bar = Blow Job My husband and I have great chemistry, but one of the best ways to get me in the mood is to show me an empty sink without any dirty dishes in it. I propose that the best way to merge marital bliss with household cleanliness is with some kind of Klondike bar reward system.Every household is unique, so the amount of chores that lead up to one Klondike bar will vary.

Feel free to print out this sample chore chart below and guarantee your marital happiness.

I asked love and dating expert Hayley Quinn, who recently held a Tedx talk tiled whether modern singletons consider the amount of lovers a potential partner has had?

Quinn says that the question remains a popular one although she says most of the time when people ask this 'it's much less about getting a numerical response' because 'most of the time people are looking for reassurance, not digits' or, indeed, a blow-by-blow fuck list.

In order to get the vacuuming done so I can relax and feel a little more desirable, I’m not above trading sexual favors for household chores.

Or maybe a better way to put it is, “What would you do for a Klondike bar?

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