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Much of the nation held its collective breath when billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump started yapping about George Bush’s invasion of Iraq and whether he lied or not.

Aimed at fellow candidate Jeb Bush (who mercifully has finally dropped out of the race), Trump came very close to saying George Bush had covered up the real story of 9/11.

Research into particle physics is revealing a world full of almost magical qualities.

Could it be that this mysterious, puzzling world is in fact the world of the spirit – the spiritual world that saints and mystics throughout history have sought to explo The terror outrages in Britain last year may not have been the work of “Muslim extremists”. You touch the third rail and you electrocute yourself.

The social machinery that has put virtually the entire population into this coma of servile timidity must be short-circuited if any of us are to live authentic lives ever again.

If this machinery is not short-circuited, the best we can expect of our radically shortened and polluted future is to be seedpods in a salmon farm for humans with no consciousness and no volition to deviate from the mandatory suicide course that has been prescribed for us by the invisible sadists who manipulate the international corporation that masquerades as our government. I was talking to a friend in Connecticut for the first time in about a decade, and I naturally got around to asking how he felt about the events of Sandy Hook, the much discussed alleged school massacre whose details have elicited skeptical scrutiny from those willing to examine the numerous criticisms.

The next episode of third rail paranoia hit me during a recent conversation with a friend from Texas, who strongly advised me not to pursue further investigation of common law courts and the notion that our government is illegitimate, that it is in fact a corporation run by the International Monetary Fund, due to a sequence of illegal maneuvers dating from the Civil War, at which time martial law was declared and has never since been rescinded.

He mentioned that he and his wife knew some very decent people who lived in Sandy Hook.

So I asked him the follow-up question — what do they think happened at that so-called functioning elementary school, when supposedly a boy who may never have existed, a young hermit who nobody knew, who weighed 120 pounds yet carried 80 pounds of weapons and murdered 20 tiny children — first graders! No one explained who pronounced those children dead, or why no little bodies were seen being carried away. And the police said anybody who attempted to question their official version of events would be arrested.

The reason for his warning was because over his long life he had watched a long line of well meaning people destroyed when their logical criticisms of government malfeasance resulted in serious damage or sudden death for jeopardizing the deceptive scams our government has foisted on us throughout our lives.

During the recent standoff at an Oregon wildlife refuge, advocates of common law courts sprung up across the Internet, urging everyone to study the major episodes of the great betrayal of American citizens, beginning with the two bills that President Andrew Johnson vetoed after the end of the Civil War, for which he missed being impeached by one single vote.

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