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In fictional relationships, there's a gray area between a Destructive Romance, a Friendly War and Romanticized Abuse.Sometimes the writers make it hard for the audience to figure out if the relationship is even supposed to be a good thing or not.

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Note that this is actually Truth in Television for many people. Sometimes the writers don't even know the answer themselves, and sometimes this question isn't even meant to have an answer—the characters are there for the audience to laugh at, and that's all there is to it.Two characters are supposed to be deeply in love—despite being blatantly unsuited for each other. Arrepentida — Repentant; To change one’s mind: A family of steps which allow a couple to back away from a collision or traffic jam in a minimal amount of space and on short notice. Bailongo — A lunfardo word to describe a place where people dance, i.e. The technique is different for the inside and outside barridas. Bandoneón — An accordion like musical instrument originally created to provide missionaries with portable pipe organ music for religious services in remote locales which has been adopted by tango musicians to create the mournful and soulful sound of modern tango music. Bicicleta — Bicycle: A circular movement of the feet led by the man in the vertical plane with the couples feet pressed together as in a barrida. Boleo — From bolear - To throw: a boleo may be executed either high or low. Another variation involves the man stepping outside left or right in crossed feet and leading the lady in a change of direction to keep her in front of him as he turns, alternately going around her and bringing her around him. Bailarin — A professional or very accomplished dancer. Barridas are done from either the outside or the inside of the foot of the receiving party. There are several basic patterns, the most common of which is the 8-count basic. Cabeceo — (from cabeza; head): Traditional technique for selecting dance partners from a distance at the milongas in Buenos Aires by using eye contact and head movements. Cadena — The chain; enchainement: An athletic and very theatrical turning figure which moves rapidly across the floor turning left or right, in which the couple alternate amagues (cuatros) or ganchos.

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